I started doing yoga around the year 2013 after moving to a new village and finding a great class to join. I was instantly hooked! It was the perfect mix of strengthening exercises, flexibility, and a sprinkle of mindfulness, and I found it complimented my Pilates practise nicely. A chance to learn something new that interested me and time to be a student rather than the teacher. I have continued practising yoga ever since for the physical workouts and the breath of fresh air the classes provided. Always in awe of my teacher (and all other yoga teachers!), I was aware the depth of skill and knowledge as a yoga teacher was well beyond my reach to excel in this practise, however the curiosity never left me. 

I then came across Therapeutic Yoga. A course ran by my Pilates training provider and company I present courses for and instantly I connected with it. They offered to train me in it, however pregnancy followed by hectic mum life thereafter meant I was never able start my training. Finally, almost 3 years later the course was still on my radar and I finally got to attend last month! 

Therapeutic yoga is a clinical approach to yoga, following a sequence of poses that focus on the utmost precision to yield the best results without pushing beyond limits, whilst also encompassing the breathing and mindfulness yoga philosophies to allow you to reach optimal health and wellbeing both physically and mentally. 

“For me this was the icing on the cake. A way to combine my medical Physiotherapy background, my clinical Pilates expertise , and finally adding in a more holistic approach for total body & mind wellbeing”.

I will always be a Pilates girl from the core (pun completely intended!), but training in Therapeutic Yoga has sparked a new excitement to my own personal practise and what I can offer my clients. 

How can Therapeutic Yoga help you:

Therapeutic Yoga works specific poses in isolation so it is very safe to do, even if you have an injury or medical condition. It works on the alignment, stability and strength needed to achieve each pose. Each pose is tailored to your individual requirements. Incorporating the holistic approach with awareness and mindfulness, means that a yoga practise can enhance your breathing, relaxation, and a reduction in anxiety and tension. This combined approach of mingd and body therapy is the way forward in holistic healthcare, allowing us to break down psychological barriers to our progress and restore a sense of empowerment and resilience.

Clinically, therapeutic yoga has been shown to support the body’s natural tendency towards health and healing. It can:

  • Increase flexibility of muscles, joints, and the nervous system within safe limits
  • Increase muscle strength & tone
  • Improve balance
  • Maintain bone density
  • Hydrate cartilage
  • Improve respiratory function, including increasing breathing efficiency in asthmatics and reduce bronchoconstriction
  • Reduce pain levels & provide coping mechanisms to reduce pain naturally
  • Improve circulation & lower blood pressure
  • Improve lymphatic drainage & increase immunity
  • Improve self-awareness, focus & reduce stress
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Improve posture

A prescribed yoga programme can encourage self-care for a practise that can provide total body wellbeing for a lifetime.

How does this change what I offer my clients:

I can now offer Therapeutic Yoga as part of my clinical 1-2-1 sessions. These sessions are tailored to suit your specific needs and goals, whether these are medically orientated, or just for general health and fitness. This adds another dimension to the physical exercises we can incorporate, as well as the introduction of breathing, mindfulness, and creating a more holistic approach to your exercises.

Therapeutic Yoga poses and philosophies may also be added within group classes where appropriate, bringing a new dimension to our exercises and enhancing your overall experience being taught by me.