Freshly Centered Anytime Studio

Your award winning virtual Pilates and movement studio with a fresh approach to strength and wellbeing.

Designed so that you can take a class anytime you wish to, AND anytime your needs change.

Select a class from the six different class playlists in the main library, follow the monthly workout calendars, or follow one of the special 6-week programmes to meet your specific fitness and health needs.

Cancel anytime.

The Main Class Library

The on-demand Main Library consists of six different class playlists with brand new classes designed exclusively for the Anytime Studio:

  • Signature Matwork
  • Small Equipment
  • Power
  • Restorative
  • Pilates with Yoga
  • Therapeutic Yoga

Special programmes within the Anytime Studio

(More Programmes Added Soon)

The Pregnancy Programme

A 6-week pregnancy-specific Pilates programme to keep you active, strong, and mobile throughout your pregnancy, as well as providing strong foundations and the confidence to move in motherhood! The classes are all physiotherapy-led and safe for all trimesters.

The Fitness Programme

A 6-week recurring workout programme that combines Pilates, yoga, and strength training for those who want to level up with their strength and wellness. A new programme is released every 6 weeks for new challenges, progression and to widen your practice. Each week complete:

  • Pilates classes for core stability and integration of whole-body movement.
  • Yoga classes for alignment and mindfulness.
  • Strength sessions for progression and overload.

The Beginners Programme

An introduction to Pilates from the very beginning! Bridge the gap from beginner to able, build your body & core awareness, and the strength you need to confidently practice Pilates. Suitable for all levels.

Freshly Centered Anytime Studio Benefits

The Freshly Centered Anytime Studio is about making movement a part of your lifestyle.  Nourish your body, find your flow with confidence, and connect your physical practice with your mental wellbeing. 

  • Unlimited access to the FULL video library of brand new and exclusive classes
  • Access to ALL specialised 6-week programmes & additional pdf resources
  • NEW monthly structured workout plans
  • NEW content uploaded to the library every month

Anytime Studio Details


On demand exclusive Pilates, small equipment & yoga classes


Approachable, highly experienced teacher with high attention to detail, reflective of current research guidelines and support throughout


Practice anywhere, anytime


Enjoy your approach to fitness and health


For injury or focus

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