Science of Pilates

Recognising that there was a gap for a comprehensive Pilates text that brings the anatomy and physiology together with clinical application, Science of Pilates is a ground-breaking book that simplifies the science and provides clear, concise explanations to understanding Pilates in the modern world.

This essential book gives clear answers, backed by the very latest scientific research that will enable you to deepen your understanding and perfect your Pilates practice. With over 100 essential Pilates exercises, each with annotated artworks that demonstrate the correct muscle actions, angles and alignment needed to perfect each move safely and correctly, and colourful infographics throughout, Science of Pilates will empower you to explore the benefits of practicing Pilates and challenge misconceptions about this popular exercise method.

Delve deeper into the anatomy and physiology, understand the history and how Pilates has evolved and adapted to suit the modern practitioner and learn how to safely modify exercises for a vast range of special populations. With an understanding of the client’s needs and sample exercise plans, Science of Pilates provides immediate application.

Publication date: 29th December 2022.



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