Science of Pilates is a ground-breaking book that simplifies the science and provides clear, concise explanations to understanding Pilates in the modern world.

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What a year it has been with the Science of Pilates! The response from everyone has been unbelievably overwhelming and I am so so grateful for the huge amount of support the book has received, even before publication day! As we are approaching publication (29th December!) I thought I’d share some insights in to the book, how it came about and why I took on this project! 

As a physiotherapist, Pilates Teacher and Course Educator, I’m asked on an almost daily basis some question or other relating to Pilates. I absolutely love sharing this information and delving deeper into the research to share the answers. Upon seeing that there was no one resource out there that covered all of this, I decided to write it myself and create an accessible resource that brings everything Pilates-related together in one place. I wanted to collate the anatomy, physiology, the history and development to why Pilates is what it is today, and how we can adapt this to help the many different conditions and populations that can benefit from Pilates. 

So how did this all begin?!

Just after my baby daughter was born I set to work on writing the book proposal. This was a 12 page document detailing every single chapter and topic I wanted to include in the book, the market research, the competition, and why this book would be a success! I sent it to a few agents who either declined it or didn’t reply as it was not the genre for them. By a huge (the biggest ever really!) piece of luck a lady I knew on Instagram as a Pilates Teacher also worked in publishing and she unknowingly passed my proposal on, which led to a meeting with DK Books almost immediately and a successful book offer on the table shortly after! I was speechless to say the least, that what I thought would just be an idea, had an offer from one of the largest publishing houses! This was December 2021, so we didn’t get to work until the January of 2022. Thankfully my proposal was sooo specific and comprehensive that I could get started right away! 

We spent almost four months outlining the illustrations that I wanted, describing the angles, the lines, the eye gaze, the muscles etc for the illustrator, and then editing and refining them until they were perfect! Every tiny detail had to be accounted for so that my editor could brief the illustrator and he could draw the images perfectly. I then wrote all of the text to match the illustrations (in many many batches!) and finally, the instructions on the exercises and all of the modification tips.

I then designed the layout of all of the remaining chapters. I had to allocate space for each topic so that the designer could create the spreads accordingly eg. A paragraph for this, half a page for this, a colourful image here (and provide the image!). 

Then came the nitty gritty for the anatomy and physiology chapters and the training chapters. This was hugely based on all of the research and I wrote these spreads out to extensive length, and then I had to go back and edit them down to fit our pages, whilst including all of the relevant research. My editor checked them over and the designer made them fit the pages, and then we re-checked and re-checked before they went to my internal editor and design team at DK who did the same again! 

When the book was finished in its first draft, we then started the process of doing full edits from start to finish with myself, my team, and then the internal team again. Each round there were points raised and things to sort! We did a second and final edit and then the book was signed off by myself, the DK team, and sent to the printers! This truly was one of the hardest things I have ever done, not only writing the book itself and trying to pick the exact key words to fit into the space restrictions we had, but having to do all of this when my children were asleep! I had my new baby girl with me 24/7 so the book was my absolute passion project during her nap times and after bedtime! I’m so so proud of it and it still feels very surreal that I actually got it written and it will be available to everyone very soon! Pre-order your copy here! 

And now we have the finished book that I am so so proud of! 

I poured my entire heart into researching this book, reading every research paper imaginable, and simplifying it to make learning and applying this fun and easy for you to do! I designed the pages to be exciting, eye-catching and beautiful! I truly believe this gets the message across and that it will answer so many of your questions at the turn of a page!

The book in detail! 

Science of Pilates delves much deeper into the nitty gritty, to those burning questions you want to know when you’re learning about why, what, and how Pilates works.

Rooted in evidence with beautiful illustrations throughout to clearly demonstrate the facts, Science of Pilates will be the must-have book for anything Pilates-related whether you’re an experienced teacher or a Pilates enthusiast! The book is broken down in to easy-to-digest sections with:

  • All the physiology and research presented in a clear and concise manner
  • Beautiful anatomical diagrams of over 100 exercises with variations, modifications, contraindications and extra tips
  • Application of Pilates exercises to a huge range of special populations, including training plans for all

Science of Pilates will empower you to explore the benefits of practicing Pilates and challenge misconceptions about this popular exercise method.

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