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Welcome to Freshly Centered! A Pilates Inspired Living Company that aims to bring Pilates to everyone. I’m Tracy Ward, an APPI Pilates Instructor and Course Presenter and I run my Pilates business in Scotland.  I am also a Senior Physiotherapist  specialising in sports and spinal injuries.

I believe Pilates is body-changing, life empowering, and essential for everyone whether you just want to keep your body in balance, prevent injury, or enhance your performance. Combining my physiotherapy skills with my pilates base gives me the best tools to analyse your movement and show you what your body needs. Here you will find details on local classes, events, online workouts, and blog posts.

Local Classes

Physiotherapy-led pilates classes with APPI Pilates certification and barre concept classes for all beginner and advanced level based in Aberdeen city centre. Learn More

Retreat Days

Relax and rewind at one of my Pilates Retreat Days within luxury hotel resorts providing a day of Pilates & BarreConcept classes, lunch, swim and leisure time. Learn More

Video Workouts

Get started on your pilates journey with my series of free pilates video workouts for all levels of ability focusing on a range of areas including rehabilitation Learn More

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April 22, 2018

Pilates is one of the best forms of treatment for back pain! Why it is effective may be less clear so here we explain why pilates could work for you.