Working out from home is so appealing for our every growing busy lives! But the reality is it can be hard to actually commit and make it happen. Working out at home can bring distraction- there are always other things to get done first, and because you don’t need to leave the house the workout can get pushed to the end of your list, and perhaps not get done at all. Since having my baby I’ve had to rely on home workouts much more than normal as sometimes its the only way I can exercise! Here are my top tips to making working out at home work for you!

Have your workout gear & mat set out so it is accessible 

This is the first step to a successful home workout. If you have a lot going on at home you’re much more likely to find other things to take priority. Choose a place in your home where you will do your workout and keep your exercise mat close by, whether its laid out on the floor all ready if there is space, or in the cupboard right beside this space. I got this great travel mat that I keep in my bedroom as I’ve limited space there, and I keep my bigger, more heavy duty mat downstairs for longer workouts. Lay out your workout clothes too so that you can quickly get changed and get started.

Have your workout plan prepared in advance

This one is so important! Having a plan means you don’t need to think about it when the time for your workout comes. You can simply pull up the plan and get started. I find this prevents excuses and time wasting too. You will be much more focused, and can also track your progress as you move through the workout plan so the benefits will be greater.

Purchase a few pieces of home equipment to vary your workouts

You don’t need anything to workout from home, but having a few exercise props can make your workouts varied and more interesting. Things I like to use are my resistance bands, soft pilates ball, small weights or weighted pilates balls, and a spikey ball for releasing tight muscles afterwards.

Schedule the workouts in to your diary

Find a gap in your diary to book your workout in, and if there isn’t a gap then make one! Once it’s in the diary treat it like any other appointment and commit to it. Book the rest of your day around this appointment and do this at the start of each week for the whole week ahead.

Think of your intention

This keeps your workout focused and real. If you know WHY you are doing it you are much more likely to show up and commit. Exercise shouldn’t be a chore and therefore if you keep the reason you’re doing it at the front of your mind you will focus on this rather than feeling like you’re punishing or forcing yourself. Workout because it feels good to, along with any other reasons you have, but keep the joy of movement in there too.

Be accountable

There is a lot to be said about social media, but for this I really do believe it can help keep you accountable. Telling people your plans, or documenting your workout or journey can give you the extra motivation to commit to the workout. If social media isn’t for you, tell a friend, or even sign up to a personal trainer, online trainer, or exercise plan so that you’ve someone or something to check in to. Did you know I also offer online pilates programmes? You can check out my free videos on YouTube here, or email me at to find out more about your personalised home pilates plan that is tailored to your goals, as well as offering that extra motivation!

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