The COVID pandemic has produced so much change and uncertainty. Social distancing and lockdown measures meant that everyday activities were no longer possible. With so much time spent indoors and an absence of daily activities, it is little wonder that so many people found these changes hard to cope with. If you struggled to maintain your good intentions and keep up your fitness levels during the lockdowns, you are certainly not alone. Research shows that activity levels dropped dramatically in the adult population, especially during the first lockdown. (This post contains a paid partnership & partner links).

As daily life is slowly beginning to return to normality, you may be keen to get back into your fitness. If you are struggling with motivation, these tips should help you get back to exercising and feeling great once again!

Get Started

Getting started on a journey back into fitness can be really tough. But, once you get started and those feel-good hormones start flowing, and you get the post-exercise buzz, you should find it so much easier. Planning your training sessions or booking a fitness class is the best way to commit yourself to exercise and ensure you attend and form a routine. Once you establish a routine you will hopefully start looking forward to working out and seeing the benefits of being active once again. Pick a day, book the class, and mark it in your calendar! Go! 

Get Equipped

Being stuck in a fitness rut is no fun at all, so finding ways to feel more enthusiastic about exercise is a great way to break out of this. Getting yourself new activewear from an online sports kit designer could be a perfect starting point and help you to feel ready to take on a new fitness class or a training session.

If you don’t feel ready to exercise in public right now, this doesn’t mean that you need to give up on getting back to fitness. Instead, you could start training at home by investing in some workout equipment. You can also get 10% off your first order of kit here. Or, you may want to take a more gentle approach and begin with online classes.

Hire a Trainer

Getting a personal trainer is an excellent way to commit to exercising and bring your motivation levels back. Working out with a personal trainer will help you to set new fitness targets and get a sense of purpose for your workouts. It is so much easier to keep on track when you have someone holding you accountable, motivating, and progressing your sessions regularly. 

If you plan to work with a personal trainer, it is vital to choose someone that can meet your individual fitness needs. Asking around for personal recommendations is an excellent starting point, and ask for their qualifications to make sure they are knowledgable in your specific needs. These days, many trainers have additional skills and insights so try to find the one you will click with. If you enjoy Pilates and yoga, why not get in touch with me for your personalised plan! 

Monitor your progress

Whatever your goals, you’re more likely to stick to them if you can visibly see the progress. This may be on a calendar or diary where you mark your attendance each session and after a few weeks see that you’ve attended each session! Or perhaps it is recording how your mood feels in a journal and noticing a shift in emotions. It may be that you feel fitter and no longer get out of breath going up the stairs. Or feel stronger overall. Start by making a list of your goals. Whatever they may be. Then identify a measure for this. Re-visit this weekly to update and after a few months look for the progress.

Final Thoughts

Getting back into exercise after the pandemic may seem like a massive challenge. But, once you get started, you should soon find yourself back in a fitness routine and enjoying all the benefits of your active lifestyle. Good luck!