January is often all about getting back on track for working out, healthy living, healthy mindset, and so on, but ideally we would do this all year round! That being said I don’t think there is any harm in having good intentions at the start of the year. With only 7 days left until the first month of 2020 is past us, I have put together 7 Days of Pilates to keep you motivated and focused until the end of the month! To stay accountable too, why not tag me on Instagram @freshlycentered and let me know each day you’ve completed your pilates workout?

Just click on the videos below to take you directly to your workout. Each workout is approximately 15 minutes long, that’s only 4% of your day! I’ve gathered a collection of workouts to keep it interesting and varied too! I hope you enjoy and I’d LOVE to hear if you complete the week!

WORKOUT 1: Full Body Feel Good Pilates. This is our most popular workout video to date! With over 57k views and featured in Women’s Health Magazine, it’s a proven Feel Good workout for your whole body!


WORKOUT 2: Hip Opening Pilates. Pilates exercises to work hard and open the hips where we often hold tightness and tension. Great for those who have sedentary jobs or train a lot!


WORKOUT 3: Pilates for Stretching. Pilates exercises that lengthen the body are chosen and interspersed with stretches and mobility work in this dynamic, fun workout.


WORKOUT 4: Full Body Pilates. This is a full body conditioning workout at intermediate to advanced levels with sections for core, upper body, and lower body.


WORKOUT 5: Pilates For Low Back Pain. This is a more gentle workout that will focus on the basics and help strengthen your lower back at the same time.


WORKOUT 6: Strong Core Pilates Flow. This is a core-specific workout to really strengthen & define this area, taking you through different stages.


WORKOUT 7: Pilates for Relaxation. This is a great one to finish your week with! Pilates exercises that work you whilst lengthening to promote relaxation and unwind for a relaxing body & mind.

If you’ve enjoyed this week, why not repeat it again next week to keep yourself focused and your body in check with a 15 minute pilates workout every day? Alternatively try my previous 12 days of pilates plan here!You can stay accountable by tagging me @freshlycentered on Instagram!