Cue the standard “New Year” post from every blogger out there! However I’m not one for the New Year resolutions and as per my post last year I’m doing the same this year. I’m going to try to focus on certain things rather than set specific resolutions that place more pressure upon myself than is necessary, or than I have time for.

This year has seen the majority of my maternity leave period through, and the transition of returning to work. The first half of the year was spent very much swimming though mum life, and the second half juggling the added task of being equally focused at work as I am at home. It’s been an emotional year to put it mildly! Read this to learn more about my business life, both online and in teaching Pilates classes in Aberdeen. But, as 2019 ends I can happily say I feel like I’ve now found my feet in both these worlds and am very much looking forward to developing each and together in 2020.

My “Focuses” for 2020:

Keeping it super simple this time around. No big pressure. No big expectation. Only to show up, do the best, and move forward. This feels rather strange for someone who plans everything and likes to be super organised, but I think its the best way this time around for me.

  • My boy. Continue to adapt to mum life as my baby becomes a toddler and his own little independent person. To try to take each milestone as it comes and minimise the surrounding pressure.
  • My business. 1) Explore new avenues out with the comfort zone to develop passive revenue streams through the business, including the blog, Youtube channel, and guides. 2) To expand my evidence-based knowledge. I love to learn and I started a couple of courses this year that I want to finish, as well as commencing a strength & conditioning course to improve exercise knowledge.
  • My health. 1) To increase consistency with my workouts and to workout with more intention than just showing up and getting it done. The past year was very much a “do what I can when I can” so I want to change this focus now. 2) To learn more about nutrition, nutrition science and gut health for my own personal health, improving fitness and performance.

My favourite quotes I’ve used through 2019:

  • Lose yourself in the things you love, for that is where you will find yourself.
  • In a world of chaos and connectivity, take a moment to feel inner peace and disconnect with all but yourself.
  • Do more of what works for you rather than against you, spend more time cultivating a life that is supportive rather than one that is potentially destructive.
  • Fresh air, outdoors, and dog walks. Nothing better for the general weekend trend.
  • Despite what goes on around you, you decide how you show up to the world today. So decide how to show up for friends, family, clients, & strangers. And for yourself. There is a lot out with our control. But not this.
  • Let go of what’s gone, be grateful for what remains, and look forward to what’s coming.

And on that note I shall wish you a Happy New Year and all the best on the other side! Let’s start afresh and make it a good one!