The festive season is fully upon us now! Life gets busy and we don’t have time to workout or take care of ourselves. Here I have put together your 12 days of Pilates schedule to countdown to Christmas and honour your body by staying strong and fit!

Bookmark this page on your phone, iPad or PC first. Try to complete the suggested workout each day for the full 12 days as suggested by the dates. If you miss a day, just resume the next day instead and follow which Day you are on! Never exercise into pain or when you’re really in a hurry, wait until your body is ready to workout.

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The 12 Days of Pilates Christmas Schedule:

Day 1 (13th Dec)- Back to basics video workout

Day 2 (14th Dec)- Hip opening video workout

Day 3 (15th Dec)- High plank sequence

Day 4 (16th Dec)- Pilates for a good sweat video workout PLUS  5 poses to stretch & relax sequence

Day 5 (17th Dec)- Triceps and core sequence PLUS The hovering challenge

Day 6 (18th Dec)- Pilates with cardio video workout

Day 7 (19th Dec)- Intense core video workout

Day 8 (20th Dec)- Side twist sequence PLUS Pilates poses for a healthy spine

Day 9 (21st Dec)- Gluteal/leg video workout

Day 10 (22nd Dec)- A core routine video workout PLUS Feel good stretch workout

Day 11 (23rd Dec)- Pilates with stretching video workout PLUS Working towards your press up routine

Day 12 (24th Dec)- Pilates for relaxation video workout


If you’ve made it this far…. Well done!! Why not go back to Day 1 and repeat the challenge for a further 12 days over the festive holidays! This will then take you up to the 5th January and in to the New Year!