Can you believe we are almost half way through the year? Time seems to have just rushed by these past couple of months for me and recently I have been checking up on what I intended to do this year. New Year plans and goal setting seemed great in January, but where are you now with it? If you’re anything like me you’re falling behind, feeling guilty, wondering how it’s May already and you still haven’t made a dent in these plans!

PLUS- I’ve just realised my blog/website is ONE YEAR OLD this month! And I now REALLY need to get that back on track too. I have so many ideas for it and no idea where time has gone?! Here is how to get back on track:

1) Firstly, get planning. Print off this Year Planner and make a commitment to your fitness (or any other) plans this year whether it is entering events, or just reaching your goals by a certain month for 2015. Once its down on paper its easy to follow and easier to see that commitment. Then print off this Weekly Planner to get a routine organised for the whole week.

2) Get out there! Planning is great right? But you actually have to get on with it! So no more excuses, procrastination etc, just get your trainers on and get out! Go- now!

3) If it’s not that simple, use an app to record each workout and seeing them build up will give you the motivation to do more. The app can also monitor your progress and improvements to compare workouts. The most popular ones ( for me) seem to be Map My Run or Runkeeper for workout logging, and My Fitness Pal for nutrition logging.

4) Pre-plan meals. This sounds so simple but having your meals prepared in advance gives you so much more time for training. Try to bulk cook and freeze enough for a few days of dinner, or have pre and post-training snacks bought in for the whole week so you never go hungry, or unprepared and lacking the energy to go for the workout. Success isn’t just about the exercise, you need to commit to the nutrition too and pre-planning makes this part so so much easier.

5) Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s hard enough to keep plans when life gets busy without the added guilt. (I’m awful for this one). Instead, encourage yourself when you complete each session until they become routine again. If you do miss a session then reflect on why? And more importantly when will you get back on it to move forwards?