I hope you’ve had a great Easter weekend! Mine has been so lovely and relaxing with not much plans! Here is a 15 minute Full Body Feel good Pilates workout to round the weekend off!

Wearing: Anusara Yoga Vest and Indaba 7/8 Yoga Leggings.

This workout targets all areas for core strengthening, body toning, and some lovely stretches too. I hope you finish the workout feeling worked out and relaxed!

This weekend in particular has taught me how important it is to have time to relax. And not just relax, but have next to no plans and just go with the flow. So often I have a busy schedule, both in work life and social. I hate to be at a loose end! As much as I love what I do it can get a bit restrictive and without even realising it- stressful. So I’ve spent this weekend on long dog walks in locations we wouldn’t normally go,  enjoying a lengthy gym workout that I struggle to fit in at the weekend normally, having spontaneous family visits, drinking endless cups of tea and as many hours of Netflix to match. Now for a spot of relaxing pilates and yoga to wind down before heading to bed with a good book!

Happy Easter!