Leg pull in prone prep- For controlled strength!

This is a great whole body exercise that develops upper body strength and endurance, neck strength, lower back and pelvis stability, and targets the core abdominal muscles. Leg pull in prone prep

Wearing capri pants by Onzie and tank top by Hip Width at Urban Yoga.

Setup: Begin in four point kneeling with your toes curled under. Place your hips directly over your knees, and your shoulders directly above your hands.

If you find this too challenging just stick to practising No.1- hovering the knees off the floor, and returning them to the mat. This will work you hard enough after a few repetitions! Build up to include No.2 and No.3 as you get stronger.

1) Hover- Hover your knees a few inches off the mat, maintaining your straight back position. Inhale to hold.

2) Extend- Extend your shoulders to transfer your body weight forwards through the hands. Straighten your hips and knees to form the plank position. Keep your core engaged and back straight.

3) Leg raise- Raise one leg up and hold to inhale. Exhale as you replace this leg down and raise the opposite leg.

Continue for as many leg raises as you can! Alternatively do two leg raises and then return to the start position and repeat the sequence HOVER, EXTEND, LEG RAISE, REPEAT!