It’s Sunday! Often our day to take things a little easier, enjoy the rest day and have less scheduled plans. Your body still needs some essential ingredients for creating a healthy body and a healthy mind! Their really easy to achieve and should be your focus every single day!

1) Hydration- Water is the body’s principal chemical and it is important for so many things. It flushes the toxins out of your body, nourishes your cells and vital organs and moistens ear, nose and throat. If you become dehydrated, these normal functions cannot occur properly. Cells, organs and muscles cannot work to full capacity and this drains your energy. This can make you fatigue, feel sluggish and under perform.

We should aim to drink approximately 2.5 litres of water per day, the equivalent of approximately 8 glasses of water.


2) Fresh air- Get outside! We spend so much time inside at work all week, around the house, and almost 24/7 through winter, so get outside and enjoy the fresh air! The benefits go far beyond just making you feel better.

Inhaling more oxygen outside raises serotonin levels- the chemical that lightens your mood, making you feel happy and relaxed! More oxygen intake also stimulates white blood cell function- the cells that fight infections and germs, keeping you healthier. This inhale/exhale cycle of fresh air widens the airways and cleanses the lungs to get rid of airborne toxins, and it also exercises the lungs! More oxygen to the brain improves concentration, clarity and energy levels.


3) Exercise- Of any shape or form. Exercise gets the circulation going, the oxygen flowing and the body moving. The Department of Health recommends that we undertake 30 minutes of exercise daily, and 2 days a week should include strength training i.e weights or resistance training. This is the minimum amount for conditioning the body to minimise risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, anxiety and self-esteem.


Use this Fresh approach of HYDRATION, FRESH AIR and EXERCISE!

Do all 3 today and then mark on your chart ( so that you do this daily for the coming week!