Pilates core routine

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Pilates core routine 1

Wearing: Nike capri pants & Step n Pump top.

This is a particular favourite routine of mine! This pose goes by the name V-Sit or Boat pose depending what discipline you ask. You can really feel it working instantly and it covers all of the abdominal muscles, including the obliques. It also works for both muscle endurance and muscle strength. Follow these tips to get your core working HARD!

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Friday fun- Hovering challenge

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Hello FRIDAY! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts so thought I’d kick this series off again. I’ve got my first running event of the year next weekend and I’m really feeling the benefits of extra core training right about now. Start your weekend strong with this short routine. It’s short, sweet and oh so challenging! See below for instructions->

Leg pull in prone prepWearing: Hip Width vest and Onzie pants from Yoga Rebel.

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Questions answered-How long to strengthen my core?

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questions answered 2I hope you are having a great weekend! It has FINALLY started to snow a little here so I’m staying warm indoors and answering your questions! There are so many questions asked all the time regarding “How long it takes to strengthen your core”, and “when will it be strong enough”, so I have decided to dedicate this Questions Answered post to these questions alone.

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New Year abs!

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Perfect your practise- A new category I’m working on to help you improve on certain techniques, goals and techniques! I’m starting with the topic I get asked most about- How to build your abs! And in particular, this post is about core endurance. Endurance means how long you can sustain something for. For example, being able to do lots of sit ups is very different from being able to hold a plank position. Both equally important and challenging, however the endurance exercises are the ones we all tend to avoid/dread/hate/you get the idea!

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Complete Bridge workout!

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Shoulder bridging is a multi-benefiting exercise that targets the gluteals (buttocks), hamstrings and the core. This video shows you some challenging variations! It is also fantastic for general strengthening to the whole leg when you add in single leg variations and can challenge balance and stability. The spine is segmentally strengthened by  demanding controlled movements at each vertebrae as you move up and down.

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10 minute Intense Core workout! (FREE!)

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Stuck for time? Here is a very quick, but intense workout to work your core to the limits in less than 10 minutes! It keeps you focused and works on core strength, control AND endurance all within the timeframe! The exercises run quickly from one to the next to keep you going, and to keep the intensity high! All you need is your mat and 10 minutes peace and quiet. Take your mind off things, work hard, sweat a little, and finish with a strong, satisfied, toned core! No excuses! This is an advanced workout so be careful and work within your limits.

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What’s the point in planks?

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Everybody knows about planks and planking, so today I wanted to take it right back to basics and discuss one of the simplest exercises in a bit more detail. The most common response when asked “what do planks work?” is simply “the core”. YES! They are brilliant for your core, but also so so much more! The plank is a whole body exercise and recruits many other muscle groups simultaneously, making it a proper compound exercise.

Front plank

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