This week I have been writing and researching for an article that investigates the best core exercises, with real evidence to support them. The research has actually proven that the plank exercise stimulates more of the core muscles than other positions and works them hard enough to build real endurance. When you add variations it then works the muscles way more than the static position.

(Wearing: MyMantraActive leggings)

High Plank Sequence: Challenging your plank strength!

This always feels like a hard sequence to start with, but I promise it gets easier!

Try this sequence here to make plank workouts fun (ok not fun, but more interesting!) ensure FULL core muscle activation, FULL endurance effects and FULL strength gains.

1) High plank: Press up on to your toes and extend your legs. Keep your back straight and your shoulders drawn away from your ears for a solid upper body foundation.

2) Leg raise: Raise one leg up off the floor, keeping the knee straight. Then repeat with the opposite leg. Continue alternating.

3) Knee to elbow: Take the right knee out, around, and up towards the right elbow, then back to the start position. Repeat with the left leg and continue alternating.

PLAN: Go from No.1, to No.2 to No.3 for 1 set. Repeat as many sets as you can!