Side twistWearing: Onzie leggings and Chaturanga Yoga Vest (similar).

How to do side twist- For Upper body and core strength

Side twist is a great challenge to add to your workout! This rotational exercise combines upper body strength, pelvic stability, balance, core strength, and side flexion of the spine!

Follow these steps for good technique:

1) Starting position: Sit as per picture 1. The top leg is turned outwards with your foot flat on the mat. The bottom leg is also bent, with the foot ouching the top foot. Place the bottom hand flat on the mat away from your body, and rest the top arm on your knee. Lengthen your spine to sit tall.

2) The lift: Using your legs, lift your hips up and off the mat, engaging the gluteals and inner thigh muscles in particular. Lengthen the legs in to the side plank position. Extend the top arm upwards.

3) The lengthen: Reach the top arm overhead and lengthen along your sides. Lift the underneath hip a little higher by tightening your core.

4) The twist: Not for beginners! Push through your feet, lift your hips upwards and rotate around at your tip toes. Thread your top arm underneath your body reaching far under.

To come out of the position, reverse back to No3., No2, then No1. Repeat 3-5 times. Repeat on the opposite side too.