pilates-a core routineHappy Friday everyone! Here is a great core workout to get you set up for the weekend! Click on the picture above for the video!

This workout focuses on core strength with a bit of flexibility thrown in too. It is aimed at an intermediate level, however beginners can try it and just take it easy, take breaks when you need to, and keep the feet on the mat if it becomes challenging.

Some tips to remember:

* Make sure you always engage your core and maintain this throughout the workout.

* Try to keep your spine in line- so think tall, straight, upright. We change position from lying to sitting near the end and this principle is equally important when sitting up.

* Relax your neck and shoulders. It’s so easy to hold the tension here but try to drop the shoulders down and lengthen the neck.

* Most importantly do not force the exercises- your body will tell you when enough is enough!