After a whirlwind of an amazing trip to Singapore I need to try and keep the relaxed, calm vibes that I felt whilst being away! It’s so easy to just “forget” your holidays as soon as you return home and slip right back to the normal routine of daily life. Here I provide 5 poses to relax your body, give a good stretch and maintain strength. They were shot on location in Singapore just after a thunderstorm and the peace and calmness felt was fantastic!

5 poses to stretch and relax

Work through each exercise and hold for 5-8 seconds. Move smoothly in to the next position and hold here.

Repeat the sequence from the beginning again to include the opposite side. Where the exercise shows a neutral position just repeat this same pose again.

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1. Mermaid stretch: Sitting with your legs folded to one side, raise the arm up overhead, stretching your hand up and away, as you lean to the side.


2. Cobra stretch: Move round on to your front. Press through your hands to raise your upper body and hips off of the floor as you extend your back.


3. Warrior lunge stretch: Come up to your feet and take a large step forward with the front leg. Bend in to this front knee, whilst keeping weight in your back foot too. Raise both arms up above your head and straighten your back, or even extend back a little.


4. Side plank: Rotate round to one side with your weight on one hand and both feet stacked on top of each other. Maintain a straight body throughout and extend your top arm upwards.


5. Tree pose: Come to upright standing and place the sole of one foot on to your upper inside thigh with your hip opening and knee out to the side. Raise both arms up above your head and reach tall.

Let me know what you think of the routine in the comments below!