15 minute pilates with stretching workout!

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Hello! I’m trying to be a little more regular with your pilates workout videos so here is the latest one! I hope you’re enjoying them, and using them?! I’d love to hear from you if you are! So the latest one here is suitable for all levels of fitness, and we try to incorporate some stretching exercises along with strengthening at the same time.

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Back to basics

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pilates basics

Wearing: To The Beat 3/4 Dance Leggings and Chaturanga Yoga Vest.

Recently I’ve had a large number of new pilates clients and enquiries from those who have never done pilates before. Firstly- Great that you want to start Pilates! Secondly, I thought I’d put together a post to introduce the pilates exercise basics to explain what it is all about and why it is so good for you. This is great for the newbies, but also a reminder to those who already practise! Click HERE to play the Back to Basics workout video. 

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Pilates video- A Core Routine (F-R-E-E!)

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pilates-a core routineHappy Friday everyone! Here is a great core workout to get you set up for the weekend! Click on the picture above for the video!

This workout focuses on core strength with a bit of flexibility thrown in too. It is aimed at an intermediate level, however beginners can try it and just take it easy, take breaks when you need to, and keep the feet on the mat if it becomes challenging.

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Pilates core routine

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Pilates core routine 1

Wearing: Nike capri pants & Step n Pump top.

This is a particular favourite routine of mine! This pose goes by the name V-Sit or Boat pose depending what discipline you ask. You can really feel it working instantly and it covers all of the abdominal muscles, including the obliques. It also works for both muscle endurance and muscle strength. Follow these tips to get your core working HARD!

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Friday fun- Hovering challenge

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Hello FRIDAY! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts so thought I’d kick this series off again. I’ve got my first running event of the year next weekend and I’m really feeling the benefits of extra core training right about now. Start your weekend strong with this short routine. It’s short, sweet and oh so challenging! See below for instructions->

Leg pull in prone prepWearing: Hip Width vest and Onzie pants from Yoga Rebel.

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