Working on your full press up

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Press upsWearing: Chaturanga Yoga Vest and To The Beat 3/4 Dance Leggings.

How To: Build your upper body strength in to a full press up!

This is something I have been working on for the best part of this year. It’s going in the right direction, slowly. But then good things often take longer to achieve and upper body strength is commonly everyones pet peeve in classes.  Oh the sighs in Pilates class every.single.time we announce there is press ups! Here I want to give you some simple steps to building up to the full press up.  Continue reading “Working on your full press up”

Pilates video- A Core Routine (F-R-E-E!)

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pilates-a core routineHappy Friday everyone! Here is a great core workout to get you set up for the weekend! Click on the picture above for the video!

This workout focuses on core strength with a bit of flexibility thrown in too. It is aimed at an intermediate level, however beginners can try it and just take it easy, take breaks when you need to, and keep the feet on the mat if it becomes challenging.

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Pilates core routine

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Pilates core routine 1

Wearing: Nike capri pants & Step n Pump top.

This is a particular favourite routine of mine! This pose goes by the name V-Sit or Boat pose depending what discipline you ask. You can really feel it working instantly and it covers all of the abdominal muscles, including the obliques. It also works for both muscle endurance and muscle strength. Follow these tips to get your core working HARD!

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New Year abs!

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Perfect your practise- A new category I’m working on to help you improve on certain techniques, goals and techniques! I’m starting with the topic I get asked most about- How to build your abs! And in particular, this post is about core endurance. Endurance means how long you can sustain something for. For example, being able to do lots of sit ups is very different from being able to hold a plank position. Both equally important and challenging, however the endurance exercises are the ones we all tend to avoid/dread/hate/you get the idea!

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Quick upper body & core Pilates workout!

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I’ve just spent a great long weekend indulging in the festive markets (and the food that goes with them!) in the relaxing city of Copenhagen! But where there comes all the great indulgence with a holiday, there needs to be the balance with getting a workout in! Especially as the festive holidays approach! I’ve made a very quick upper body with core strength workout for you to squeeze in!

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10 minute Intense Core workout! (FREE!)

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Stuck for time? Here is a very quick, but intense workout to work your core to the limits in less than 10 minutes! It keeps you focused and works on core strength, control AND endurance all within the timeframe! The exercises run quickly from one to the next to keep you going, and to keep the intensity high! All you need is your mat and 10 minutes peace and quiet. Take your mind off things, work hard, sweat a little, and finish with a strong, satisfied, toned core! No excuses! This is an advanced workout so be careful and work within your limits.

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The 5 Pilates challenge!

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It’s nearly Friday again! Do you find it hard to keep motivated over the weekend? I’ve made it really simple for you- here are 5 Pilates exercises to try!  It’s that simple! 10 minutes and a well exercised body covering core, glutes and upper body! Can you do this Friday, Saturday, & Sunday?! Happy weekend!

Before you start: In each position ensure you have a neutral spine (back is flat with no arching, no ribs flaring out and pelvis level). Engage your core by gently drawing in the core muscles in between the hip bones. Remember to breath with each movement! None of the exercises should be painful, and if in doubt, stop!

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