I’ve just spent a great long weekend indulging in the festive markets (and the food that goes with them!) in the relaxing city of Copenhagen! But where there comes all the great indulgence with a holiday, there needs to be the balance with getting a workout in! Especially as the festive holidays approach! I’ve made a very quick upper body with core strength workout for you to squeeze in!

xmas market    xmas market 2

Try this quick upper body and core pilates workout to keep you going over the festive period! This video has been sped up to make it easy & quick to view. Follow these tips to get the best workout:

1) Complete each exercise slowly & with control

2) Ensure you engage your core throughout

3) Keep a strong body alignment with a straight spine

4) Keep your shoulder blades drawn back and down

Complete the number of repetitions I’ve written under each picture, and then see how many sequences you can complete! It’s so quick you can do it every day!

Quick upper body workout pic