Happy Sunday! 

I meant to post this a few weeks back for a client who was going on a ski trip and I thought this would be a perfect preparation for her, but then life got busy with work, being away with work, and then trying to catch up now that I am home! But we are back on track once again. It’s a gorgeous sunny Sunday and this morning has already been so productive!

This workout fully works your oblique muscles (side stomach/love handle region!). This area is great to strengthen because so much of our day and so much of sport involve twisting, turning, reaching etc, which ALL use your oblique muscles.

Try these 3 variations to get started, alternate from side to side and aim for 1-3 sets of 6 repetitions of each exercise. 

Roll backs: Start in a high upright sitting position with your core muscles engaged and shoulders relaxed. Roll back through your pelvis and reach one arm out to the side. Then return to the start position, and repeat to the opposite side. You can do this with a small roll back if you are struggling or carry an injury, or a bigger roll back if you have the strength.

Raised roll backs: This exercise is similar to the roll backs, but we start with both legs raised up to approximately 90 degrees. Keep your legs steady here and with both arms outstretched, rotate round to the right, back to the centre, then around to the left.

Lunge twists: Stand upright with one foot quite far in front of the other. The back heel should be raised off the ground, your body up tall and arms outstretched in front of you.  Keeping the legs steady, rotate the arms round to the right, back to the centre, then round to the left. Swap the leg position after 10 repetitions as this will work your leg muscles too.

Happy Sunday oblique training!