This past weekend we hosted the Winter Pilates Retreat Day, which was our 4th Retreat Day overall at Freshly Centered! We kept the set up the same but changed the class themes, and more importantly the goodie bags got ama-zing! 

We hosted our day at the Ardoe House Hotel using both their Spa and private dining rooms for our refreshments. It was a fabulous day and everyone got on so well! So much so that I think a few are already planning their attendance at our next one.

For me, this marked a significant stage of my recovery after my surgery, as I wanted to be fully fit for teaching all day and back to some form of “normal” fitness. It was also a great way to kick start 2016 for Freshly Centered and get on track like I wrote about in this blog postThe amount of planning that goes in to these days is unreal, but when it’s over and you’ve had a blast it’s all worth it! I’m already looking forward to getting started on the next one!

The retreat day

The day started with The Ultimate Sculpt Pilates class, where we used the small weight balls to add a little extra to our normal workout and targeted all the main muscle groups. Plenty tea & coffee was consumed in our break times where we had time to relax, chat and unwind!

We had Winter Barre Blast before lunch for the cardio kick workout, and I think I speak for us all when I said we were DELIGHTED when I announced the last “attitude and plie” at the barre and it was time to cool down! After leisure time of walking/swimming/reading/chatting we concluded the day with Centre Everything. This pilates class used the Magic Circles to remind us to keep centered, to use our centre and unwind from the day.

Our goodie bags


I think it’s great to receive a small gift on a day out like this, but this year I think I got it sorted with the goodie bags! Here we had our draw string bags from Sweaty Betty-their ideal for storing your dirty gym kit, wet clothes etc in to keep them away from the rest of your things. Sweaty Betty also provided our stylish water bottles to rehydrate throughout the day, like these similar ones, Hydrate Water Bottle.

Bounce Foods UK provided our morning protein snack. These Bounce Balls are a new favourite of mine!  Their small enough to sneak in your handbag but the amount of protein crammed in keeps you filled up and ready to keep going.

Our healthy drink was  Vita Coco 100% Natural Coconut Water Fridge Pack 330ml (Pack of 12). We had natural coconut water to rehydrate and get some natural energy in alongside our H20. The coconut taste adds that little flavour that’s great when plain water just doesn’t cut it anymore!

Lastly, a little treat was included of a Nivea Pearly Shine Lip Balm, 4.8g– because who doesn’t like a little lip gloss when their working out!

Until the next one! xo