It’s Hogmanay and today I am rounding up all of Freshly Centered’s work for the year of 2015 ahead of this evening’s celebrations!

I always find the end of a year a sigh of relief. It’s the end of the year, time to relax and look ahead to a fresh new start and new beginnings. Whether this has been a good year or a bad year for you it’s important to pick out the highlights and end on a high regardless.

It’s been a great year for the business, with not much planning at the start of 2015, I just kind of went with the flow and responded to what you guys wanted and went ahead and got on with it! For 2016 however I’m trying to be more organised (I’m usually SO organised that this statement surprises me!) and have a clear vision of what I want for Freshly Centered. But first let’s recap:

2015 for Freshly Centered:

  • Extra regular Pilates classes
  • Extra pop up advanced classes BarreConcept classes & cardio Pilates classes
  • More Retreat Days
  • Photo shoots and blog posts were filmed on location abroad
  • Filming expanded with the move to a proper studio for better quality videos
  • New Pilates equipment was purchased to brighten up classes & keep you interested and challenged
  • A fresh new logo was designed and a new slogan added “Pilates Inspired Living”.

2015 for Freshly Centered online:

  • Our blog was viewed 5,300 times. Enough people to fill 4 NYC subway trains!
  • Our most popular day was March 1st when I posted my blog on “Retreat Day thoughts”.
  • We had viewers from 92 countries around the world! With the U.K, U.S.A, and Brazil being the most popular.
  • The most popular blog post was “My week in workouts”.
  • We launched our first lengthy Pilates workout schedule with the 12 Day of Pilates.
  • We formed collaborations with brilliant health/fitness companies such as Sweaty Betty, Wellicious, MyMantra Active, VitaCoco UK, Bounce Foods UK.


Without giving too much away before I have finalised things (details will be announced soon!), the plans I DO have in place for 2016 are:

  • More Retreat Days. The first one kicks off on January 23d! We sold out of this a while ago now but there will be more later in the year!
  • More Advanced pop up classes. I really love teaching these! It allows me to be a little more creative and push you that bit harder.
  • More BarreConcept pop up classes. These are difficult to run regularly as there are not enough days in my week, however I LOVE teaching this for that extra cardio and toning workout and will be working hard to run classes more often.
  • More collaborations with health/fitness companies. This started towards the end of 2015, mainly in association with my Retreat Days and I’ll be bringing this forward to expand in 2016. My door is open to prospective companies!
  • More blog posts & workout videos. I love blogging, but I love hearing that you’re following the workouts even more! Let me know what you’d like to see in 2016 and I’ll get on it!


Finally, for the last day of 2015, have a think what YOU want from 2016. It can be anything from fitness goals, work achievements, or just simply more time to yourself to enjoy your hobbies. I don’t believe in making lists of resolutions because this adds extra pressure and more often than not we loose sight of this early on, and who wants that guilt?! Instead, just make a couple of intentions to yourself. Things you are thinking about anyway and intend to do, at some point within the next year. Just something to focus on.

My intentions:

  1. To develop this blog and company further (which I would do anyway!)
  2. To continue working on my ice skating and running training with several targets throughout the year to push me harder.
  3. To make time for myself every week to relax, to do what I enjoy outside of “work”.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And finally thank you so much to everyone who has attended my classes, Retreat Days, workshops, commented on my blog posts, read my blog posts, and done my online workouts! The above would never have happened without each and every one of you and I am truly thankful to you all!

Tracy xo