What a weekend I had last week! I finally completed my first Triathlon! urban triathlon

This was no normal triathlon though, this was Edinburgh’s first Urban Triathlon! For me who is no swimmer, this was the perfect starting point, and it combined my favourite activities, although no specific pilates workout 🙁

We started with an hour’s Ashtanga Yoga class that was specifically for runners. This was a strange experience for me who is used to being the teacher! (And when I’m NOT the teacher I know my class teachers for ages so its all so familiar). I choose the music, set the scene, plan the workout, and know what  is coming every step of the way! It was a little like being back in school and wondering where to place your mat and what the teacher would be like! Definitely an experience to understand what my new pupils may feel like when they haven’t met me before!

We then gathered outside for our 5 mile run and the sun had come out just in time! We enjoyed a gorgeous run through Edinburgh to sights I’ve never seen before, especially the lovely Waters of Leith. I hadn’t ran for a few weeks due to other commitments so it was a great way to break back in to it.

Our run destination was to a spin studio, where we then got set for an hour’s spin class to finish the event. The thought of this was daunting to say the least, and I used to teach spin in a previous job! Once we got going though I could feel the adrenaline going and we were nearly there!

cyclingSweaty Betty reps met us afterwards to provide our sponsored gifts (like this Illuminate Waterbottle (as seen in photo below) and we refreshed with some coconut water and ice pops! Hydrating the natural way. me bottle

Wearing Infinity Bra by Sweaty Betty.

The event was a huge success and all afternoon afterwards I felt unstoppable! I was already planning what events to do next, and how the next time I run I may just get on my bike afterwards and do a ride too! I’ve proved I can now so why not?! As my friend Sarah (who I did the event with) reminded me though, I needed to eat an awful lot to make up these calories burnt! Sounds fun right?! Try finding 3500 calories after 5pm in the evening without feeling sick! Not fun!

This event was even more special as it was part of Sarah’s 30:30 challenge. A challenge I chose for her as part of her “30 challenges before she turns 30”. She trusted 30 friends to nominate a challenge that she must do before her birthday- Well I think we smashed this one! One step closer to being a year… younger?!

me sarah