Stuck for time? Here is a very quick, but intense workout to work your core to the limits in less than 10 minutes! It keeps you focused and works on core strength, control AND endurance all within the timeframe! The exercises run quickly from one to the next to keep you going, and to keep the intensity high! All you need is your mat and 10 minutes peace and quiet. Take your mind off things, work hard, sweat a little, and finish with a strong, satisfied, toned core! No excuses! This is an advanced workout so be careful and work within your limits.

Some tips:

  • Ensure neutral spine throughout (lower back stays flat to the mat)
  • Keep your core engaged with every movement
  • Breathe! Good, steady inhale and exhale to keep your movements smooth and controlled
  • Let the movements flow!
  • Stop if you feel your lower back (or anything else!) straining and lower 1 leg to the floor to ease the spine.

Challenge! Can you complete this workout every day over the weekend? Fri/Sat/Sun?!

10min for intense core cover