Another Pilates motivator for the weekend! 

Do you do more exercise or less at the weekend? This weekend whichever option you choose, try to include a few minutes of Pilates! A few minutes is all it takes to engage the core, re-align the body and create strength. Daily practise is where you will find the real results. Daily practise is much more beneficial than doing one big session once a week. Daily practise creates muscle memory, allowing you to progress your practise further.

This week’s challenge- The Clam!

The Clam is an excellent exercise for isolating the gluteal (buttock) muscles and strengthening the hip muscles, challenging pelvic stability and energising the lower limb.


How to:

Lie on you side with the underneath arm outstretched and head resting on it. Bend your hips up and your knees to 90 degrees. Align the hips and shoulders on top of each other. Engage the core to prepare. Exhale and lift the top knee upwards, keeping your feet pressed together on the floor. Inhale and lower the top knee back to the start. Repeat 10 times on both sides.

Focus: Keep the body aligned, still from any movement except the top leg, activating the gluteals and core first before any other muscle.

Why not try doing all of the Friday Fun Challenges in one go?

Record your progress on the Freshly Centered Training Plan Template.

Happy Friday!