It’s nearly Friday! Is the weekend your chance to do more activities, or to have a rest? The weekend is a great time to unwind, get away from work and spend some time doing what you love. A little indulgence is often necessary too! But find the time to squeeze in some Pilates principles to your day. Think CORE, think POSTURE, think BREATHING, think MOVEMENT!

Here is just one tiny challenge to motivate you to keep going and stay strong!

The Hundreds exercise!

I challenge you to do 2 minutes of HUNDREDS twice a day!


Copy the picture above. Make sure your lower back stays rooted to your mat, relax your head and neck on the floor if you need to and engage your core! Raise your hands just a few inches and beat them up and down quickly- as if you were splashing puddles! Inhale for 5 arm pulses and then exhale for 5 arm pulses.

The Hundreds

This is the most basic pilates exercise but still so effective.
It builds core endurance by maintaining the focus for 100 pulses. These arm pulses challenge the core with every single beat.
Strengthening the core here will also train pelvic control as you try to keep the hips completely static, and neck control as you keep it strong.

Go on- Go for one Hundred!!!

Don’t forget to post your feedback letting me know that you’ve completed the challenge! Comment below or on our Facebook page!