One whole year of mum life! How on earth did that happen?! It really does feel like yesterday that I was patiently awaiting the arrival of my baby boy, and yet somehow it feels like I’ve known him forever too.

No matter how much you think about it, how many books you read, how much advice you are given, I don’t think anything can prepare you for the life-changing, whirlwind that is motherhood! It has been without a doubt the best year of my life getting to know my little man, but also on a whole other level of challenges and worries.

In the early days it was if I kept waiting for the hurdles to pass, for things to “return to normal”, for the sleep deprivation to wear off! Spending 12-13 hours a day solo parenting on minimal sleep was definitely an eye opener to how amazing parents are and “normal” life was forgotten.

Normal things I took for granted before such as being able to go to the gym, or skate, meet up with friends, or just leave the house alone were impossible, and are still very much a reminder that my main job is now that of Mum! I thought with being a physio and pilates teacher I’d find it easier to get back to my exercise routine, strengthen up and regain my fitness, and although I’m exercising every week, the inconsistency prevails as baby boss always wins my attention first! Read my Fitness & Lifestyle update.

We have had the same “routine” since around 6 months old now and life is in very much the new normal. “Past life” no longer feels like that anymore and it truly feels like this is how life is meant to be. Whilst I still miss my freedom and the fact that so much has changed, I am comfortable with the fact that he is my little sidekick and its a joy to share everything with him. I am even more organised than normal and just have to plan EVERYTHING to ensure the balance is kept for work life, exercise, dog walks, and plenty baby activities/play dates too. My own social life has taken the backseat for now but those texts from friends checking in make it all good again 🙂 Nap times have become my most productive couple of hours each day as I cram in housework, laptop work, pilates at home, and any other errands! We are even looking forward to our first date since parenthood began this weekend to a friend’s wedding just myself and my partner!

While I am blessed to have shared practically every day of his life with him so far, we are all each other has known for the year, but as I’m fully back to work now and he has started his own little journey at nursery, one era ends and another chapter begins. I’ve been dreading the full return to work since New Year and have returned to each work aspect very slowly…. but on the other hand it is nice to have a fully normal schedule again and a focus each day that fulfils my productive needs!

He is the single most precious thing in my entire world and I fall more in love with him every single day.

Here are 10 things I have learnt on this crazy mum journey so far:

  1. Sleep is by far the single most important thing. Period.
  2. My baby eats better than I do. Every day.
  3. Routine is paramount. Keep the routine and everything will be fine.
  4. Things that used to be important are no longer worth stressing about; taking ages to get perfectly ready, new outfits/shoes for events, multiple holidays, or anything materialistic.
  5. You should try to see the good in everything. Even when he’s sad he manages to smiles through his tears.
  6. You appreciate the simple things a million times more. A hot cup of tea and reading a book for half an hour. Watching a whole episode of something uninterrupted. A nice shower and time to do your hair/make up without holding a baby at the same time!
  7. Babies are much more intelligent that I thought they could be and every day they learn new skills, and understand so much!
  8. You will purchase the essentials, and then the extras, and then duplicates because a different version is better/more versatile/more practical… To others this will seem excessive but to you its the best for your baby, and you.
  9. You will rely on that one mum friend who’s sharing your same baby journey more than you could ever have thought.
  10. No matter how tough things get at times, you wouldn’t change it for the world. Nothing will ever beat those little giggles and smiles!