There are some days where we just don’t feel like going for that run or going to your fitness session, or maybe you don’t go at all? But when you complete your workout when have you ever said “well that was a bad idea”- Never! This lack of motivation is all in the mindset. Having the right mindset can be a HUGE influence on your training. A positive mindset gives a positive result! If we can change our attitude and outlook to exercising then you are much more likely to get on with it, complete it, and feel great! Have a think of these factors below to influence your mindset, and try THE PILATES 100 below for a daily Pilates workout.

The biggest factor for most people is TIME. We never have enough of it. There will never be more time in the day so this comes down to organisation. Planning. Mindset. You have to make time. Dedicate that time to yourself.

IMG_0033Too much to do, too stressed, too unfit, unsure what to do- These are the next set of psychological barriers. But these are the times when you should be exercising the most! Exercise is clinically proven to reduce stress and anxiety through its release of endorphins. It also lowers blood pressure, clears the mind and can restore focus when you have lots of things building up. The next time you feel you can’t manage think if the reason is a real reason. Think back to childhood when you were probably always running around, care free, happy, no excuses!


Finally, having a positive mindset will encourage you to workout more without pressure or guilt. They say it takes 30 repetitions of doing something for it to become a habit. If you think positively about your workout and complete it regularly it will eventually become habit. Good habits are not seen as a chore, but rather a way of lifestyle, a way to relax and feel good! So whatever it is you do- get on and do it! See The Pilates 100 below to add Pilates to your lifestyle on a daily basis!


The Pilates 100

Here is a great Pilates workout you can do in less than just 10 minutes! The Pilates 100 takes you through 100 repetitions to achieve strong core stability and strength. 10 minutes to clear your thoughts and relax the mind. Done daily that’s 700 repetitions in a week! Adopt this position, ensuring your lower back is neutral to the mat. Keep your head on the mat for no 2 & 3 if you feel it strains your neck.


1. Abdominal prep x 10 (raise your head up & then lower to mat again)   

2. Leg extensions x 10 (hold position and stretch 1 leg away at a time)

3. Hip twist level 4 x 10 (hold position and move 1 knee outwards & back)

4. Static plank position 10 seconds x 3 (choose from face down or 1 side)

REPEAT for 3 SETS! 90 repetitions in total plus 9 static holds.

(so actually this is the Pilates 99!)