It’s finally Friday again! And I really have a Friday feeling this week! Lots of plans to get out on my bike and get running after a few weeks being busy away with work.

Cardio is important, especially as I am hoping to start training for my first duathlon, BUT strength training is just as important. This weekend get started on your upper body strength-Pilates is not just for abdominal work, it is for balancing the whole body.

Here are 2 challenges to kick start your weekend of strength and upper body balance!


No.1 The Push Up: Take the option of on your knees or on your toes! Place your hands under your shoulders and ensure you have a straight back, with your core engaged. Draw your shoulder blades down the body to keep good shoulder blade stability (this is very important for good posture and to avoid overloading your shoulders incorrectly!).

SLOWLY lower yourself towards the floor and SLOWLY bring yourself back up. Aim for 10, and then 10 more, keep going until you fatigue! Really focus on keeping the shoulder blades set and your core switched on for good body alignment.

No.2 The Plank: Return to the above position (or on your knees). To make it easier rest on your elbows instead of holding this press up position. Hold the position for as long as you can, keeping your core activated throughout!

Try both together and then try to beat your targets on Saturday and Sunday!

If you are really going for it this weekend try combining this with the last 2 Friday challenges for a mini pilates circuit!