2021 has not been the year I’m sure most of us expected. It started in an on-going global Pandemic, and is ending with similar constant and on-going restrictions. Despite these uncertainties I feel we have all grown in some form or another, because we have had no other choice other than to get through it. 

Each year I like to have a clear plan of where I am headed both professionally and personally. I find setting a few key goals provides a direct vision of where to channel my energy. I also like to keep these simple so that I am much more likely to achieve them as I can really focus and dedicate the time, without being distracted or let down by endless resolutions or unachievable aims.

I kept my 2021 focuses fairly vague within each category to allow for adaptation as I wasn’t quite sure exactly what my 2021 would bring initially. So for January 2021 I wrote that I would in Business:

Continue growth in my online and passive revenues; I have been promoting The Postnatal Pilates Guide all year, but most importantly, I have developed and launched the Anytime Studio. I launched this in mid November after spending 11 months working on it (the majority of the work from May-November with my newborn baby girl by my side!). I am so proud of how the Studio has come together and I’m so grateful for those who have trusted me with their Pilates practice and put their faith in me by joining in my first month of launching! The Anytime Studio aims to become the place to go for Pilates and I have big plans for it next year! 

Strengthen business collaborations; This year I have teamed up with Womens Health UK for the fourth time! Sheerluxe, Loved By Parents, Sports Medicine Australia, and Healthy, slowly spreading the Pilates love and Freshly Centered brand! 

– Continue learning for personal growth for my business; I have really delved in to my yoga learning through CPD courses and my qualification, launched the Pilates with yoga online class and added a whole playlist of this and a Therpaeutic yoga playlist to the Anytime Studio. 

In Health & fitness: Maintain consistent workouts and learn more about my nutrition; home workouts were key in 2021 and my Anytime Studio is making this more possible than ever for me! The nutrition part is continuing on to 2022 and starts with my purchase of TheScience of Nutrition, as well as making more time to learn the science and get in the kitchen! 

In personal: Navigate a new life as a mum of two, learn to manage my stress better and make more time for my hobbies; I think this will always be an on-going focus but I feel we are finding the way well!

I am ending my 2021 happy with how I have adapted these focuses. I continued to navigate the Pandemic by growing my business online and in November launched my Anytime Studio. I was invited to present at the global APPI Pilates conference, and did all this with my toddler and new baby girl in tow! This has proven to me that I can have the work/life balance I so strongly crave, and I will now push this a fair bit further in 2022!

So what does 2022 bring?

This time around, rather than set out these focuses again to allow a change of trajectory if my goals deviate as the year unfolds, I have recently stumbled upon (also read; worked extremely hard for and to seek the opportunity of) my work projects for 2022 and the first six-seven months of the year are already all mapped out. 

The first very obvious focus is to develop and grow my Anytime Studio. I spent 11 months of 2021 developing the platform, with many ups and downs, but I now feel we are on the best track and I have big plans for the Studio! I will be committed to growing it for my current members, and providing something for everyone to make Pilates accessible and appropriate for all situations! There is no other platform currently that will provide what we have been creating and this is very exciting! 

2022 will also be the accumulation of each aspect of my career becoming intertwined and the end result will be not one, but two exciting, very different projects! It feels all my hard work has been working towards these opportunities and each will be the pinnacle of my career so far. I am unable to reveal details of either yet…. But I can’t wait to share with you later on in the year! 

To keep me sane during this tight work schedule, I will also be making more time for creativity with art and painting, something I have always done but never allowed enough time for. This is my time to be messy and break the organisation and methodology! I will continue to read books, for both escapism and for self-growth, and have consistent workouts for my physical and mental health. Not resolutions or focuses as such, but important parts of my lifestyle and worth a note to remind me of them when things get hectic and the year starts to pass me by. 

Do you make New Year resolutions? Or perhaps a few key focuses may work better for you too? I’d love to know what you are aiming for- reach out on social media and let me know!