To kick off the New Year, and also to officially announce that I will be publishing a pregnancy/postnatal related blog on the 1st of EVERY month, we are starting with a COMPLETE PREGNANCY GUIDE! (This post contains a couple of affiliate links. Thank you for your support). 

The pregnancy journey is an exciting, and somewhat daunting one and trying to figure out what you’re supposed to do about exercise is an added extra you don’t need! It is so important to keep fit throughout your pregnancy, but there are a few guidelines to follow. So here I have collated all the previous blog posts and videos I’ve done so far on exercising during pregnancy to make things easier for you. I’ve also provided a very quick summary of the main points incase you just need an instant reference! (As always this is general information and does not replace any provided from your healthcare professional). 

Exercise in pregnancy- a quick summary

  • EXERCISE AMOUNT II Pregnant women are recommended to carry out 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, including 2 strength training sessions. This can be broken in to 10 minute sessions, with a recommendation of at least 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week.


  • SUPINE POSITION II Exercising lying down on your back (supine) should be avoided from 16 weeks onwards, or done with caution. Guidelines state that low intensity supine exercise can occur until 35 weeks pregnant for 2-3 minutes at a time. The position should then be changed for a couple minutes. Alternatively, you can exercise with a 30 degree incline using an arc barrel, bolster, or stacked pillows to reduce the weight on your spine. This means you can still do some supine exercises and know that there is no risk at all.


  • PELVIC FLOOR EXERCISES II Pelvic floor muscle exercises should start by the 10th week of pregnancy, or as soon as you are informed. It’s never too late to start. These exercises should be performed with both fast contractions, and then with slow contractions. FAST contractions; contract the muscles and then fully relax x10. SLOW contractions; contract the muscles and hold the contractions for 5-10 seconds x10. Build up until you can achieve 10 x10 second holds. Ideally you want to achieve 1 contraction of up to 1 minute too. Repeat these exercises 3 x per day throughout, and after pregnancy.


  • PREGNANCY PILATES II 1st trimester: Continue as normal if you feel well. Be aware of dizzy symptoms. Begin pelvic floor & core engagement exercises. 2nd trimester: Take positional and postural adaptations. Continue with safe exercises if you feel well. 3rd trimester: Maintain strength but do not push yourself further at this stage. Modify positions again to keep you are upright with good posture. Focus on breathing techniques.

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Pregnancy pilates videos

These videos can all be done at home and are safe for every stage of pregnancy. Click the video below to view the most popular one straight away, or click on the links below to view the other pregnancy pilates videos.

Why not try completing the same video 2-3 x week, then move on to the next video? This will allow you to get a feel for the exercises and improve by the 3rd attempt, as well as keep you stocked with videos for your pregnancy!

20 minute full body pregnancy pilates workout (the video shown above)

15 minute pregnancy pilates strengthening with the band

(You can purchase a band here).

15 minute pregnancy pilates to stretch & mobilise

20 minute pregnancy pilates toning on the mat

15 minute pregnancy pilates on the ball

(You can buy a ball here).

All the best with the rest of your pregnancy! Once your baby is here you can check out my Postnatal blog posts and Postnatal pilates videos here! 

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