This 15 minute workout has been designed for those who do sports (any sports!) or for those who are looking to build whole body strength and are looking for some extra, specific strengthening exercises. Try the Pilates for Sport workout here!

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This is the first video in the new Performance Series. This series will include workouts for specific sports and aims to help your performance.

Most sports involve twisting, turning, or rotating, even running believe it or not! In these activities we use our core muscles constantly, but especially the oblique muscles. This workout includes several oblique strengthening exercises and we do them in slightly unstable positions, as well as with longer levers to meet the demands of your sport.

Sports also require you to stay stronger for longer- or anyone just wanting to gain strength! The middle section of the video challenges your core strength, upper body and ability to hold these intense positions whilst adding in some lifts and challenges!

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Hope that keeps you busy for now! xo