My morning routines are very similar most days of the week. I love the start of a new day, when you have the whole day in front of you. Work days I do things much faster but essentially follow the same routine.

Breakfast: I always start with a good cup of tea and a fruit smoothie. Smoothies have recently re-entered my day and I feel so much healthier since, read more about this here. On work days I have protein granola as my cereal followed by a banana to see me through a busy morning at work. On days off I always have scrambled eggs on toast because I have more time to prepare and enjoy!

Check in: This is a step I need to try and eliminate from my morning routine. I usually check my emails on my phone and see what needs actioned that day. If I’ve time I’ll send a few replies or otherwise make a note to catch up on these in the afternoon.

Dog walks: After breakfast (or often before!) the pug needs walked. He is always so excited to get out and to be honest so am I. The fresh air and the quietness of no one going about except the birds is so refreshing in the morning. Even when I’m tired and don’t want to get dressed to go out I always feel better when we get back home.

Reading time: If I’m not rushing off to work I then relax on the sofa with my latest book for a short while and finish off my tea. I often put the washing on, dishwasher etc first before I sit down again so that the “housework” is being done as I relax!

Exercise: This never happens before work because I just don’t have time and need to get there on time, but on days off I LOVE to be up early and have done my workout before everyone else is awake. There is something so satisfying about this! On Sundays especially, I get up early to head to the ice rink for a 6.30am training session with my coach. I skate for a few hours and usually do the week’s food shop on the way home. Then i’m home by 10am and I can relax for the rest of my Sunday!

I only find ice skating in the morning easy. All other exercise (running, gym, pilates, cycle etc) needs to be done a bit later. At the weekends I enjoy doing this throughout the day whenever it works for my schedule, but on weekdays this is always an evening activity.

Do you have a similar morning routine each day? What is good about your morning?! Let me know your tips below!

Happy Sunday morning! xo