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This is a common problem in many of the arm balance exercises and sometimes just a few adjustments can take the load off and make it feel so much better! The wrists give us bother because they are a very complex joint, made up of many small muscles, ligaments and bones. They are not designed to withstand the weight of your entire body (unlike the ankles and feet), so if the weight is in the wrong place these tiny muscles fatigue very quickly and become strained. Because the ligaments between all of the wrist bones are so small they are easily strained and can take time to heal.

Some simple tips:

1. Ensure you have your whole hand flat on your pilates mat. As soon as you feel any part peeling away from the mat the weight is going to land in the heel of your hand, i.e. hurting the wrists.

2. Try to press the underneath of each knuckle in to the mat, as well as each fingertip for a wide, even spread of weight.

3. If it really is too sore on the wrists, take the positions on to your elbows, or even the knuckles if that isn’t too uncomfortable. This will still develop core strength, as well as working on your shoulders and upper body.

4. Align the rest of your body correctly to distribute the weight between the arms and legs, and via the core. After all, your core is your central powerhouse and the key to holding you together. This also includes holding the weight OUT of the wrists.

5. Don’t give up! Remember this part of your body was not designed to hold your weight up so it will take time to develop the strength and stamina in those tiny muscles. Practise little and often until the fatigue and ache eases off.