Not long left to go! New Year is always the time we make new plans, whether it is to get fit, get started on a new routine, healthy diet, or lifestyle change. This offers as a fresh start after all the over-indulging over the festive holidays and interruptions to our regular routines. A break from routine is welcoming though, a respite from the normal chaos, but when it comes to an end we need a plan to get back on track.

Keeping your plans is all down to organisation and commitment. January 17th is the estimated “drop out of the New Year resolutions” date, so here I have tried to give you the tips (and the FREE PLANNER!) to make sure you are not part of that category.

new year mats1) Focus on what you want to achieve this year. Too many distractions or aims make them harder to stick to. I know I almost always try to take on too much and then get frustrated when things have to go, so this time pick a select free, most important goals to work for.

2) Commit to them. The more you commit the less you will want to deviate from them. Try seeing your goals as a job or a contract; you wouldn’t be able to get out of work so think of this in the same way. Its a commitment you’ve made and want to stick to.

Use my Freshly Centered Fitness Year Planner to stay on track by planning your weekly schedule, as well as your yearly schedule. This will let you see the whole picture and plan month to month. If its on paper right there in front of you it’s much easier to see the plan, and harder to avoid it!

3) Get a workout buddy. Nothing makes commitment easier than joining up with someone else. Get a friend/work colleague/partner on board with you and help each other stick to it. If there is no one keen to do what you want to do make a date in your phone calendar and stick to it like you would any other appointment.

4) Review your progress. Take photos if your goals are to get better at something, record your times if its for a time trial event, or just note down when you’ve done things. This makes the commitment easier when you can see what you’ve achieved.

5) Don’t feel guilty. This one is really important! As I said at the start a break from normality is good for us! It’s impossible to stick to the rules 100% forever, so don’t feel bad for missing a session. In fact, build in a break to your training plan. All good training schedules have a “recovery” week, usually approximately every 4 weeks or so. So use this principle for what works for you and have a “cheat day”, or a “recovery week”. If its in the plan you’re less likely to feel guilty too, AND stay on track the rest of the time.