With the long summer nights finally upon us- are you making the most of it?

Last week I wrote about the importance of cross-training and how our weekly exercise should include elements of cardiovascular work, strength training, core and flexibility. That’s a lot to fit in to one week! And this applies to everyone, whether you just want a healthier lifestyle or you are training for a big event.

As I discussed in the cross-training post, (https://freshlycentered.com/2014/06/15/5-reasons-for-cross-training/), training in one element alone is not fully beneficial as you will eventually burn out, fatigue, and yes even weaken, as you overuse the same muscle groups. So to continue to improve and stay injury free a mixed programme incorporating the other fitness elements is essential.

So to help you achieve this I have created the Freshly Centered training plan template.


The template allows you to plan for each day of the week, for one full month. This way you can see what you want to do and ensure you can fit it all in! Even better- once you have completed your training session you can mark on the plan to record your progress. Use a new plan for every month to plan ahead and get ahead of the game!

Your plan is just that- it is for you. It can be pilates based, cardio, gym, stretching at home etc. Just try to include a mix of elements for the all round fitness physique and balance. Doing something daily is progress, even if it is just 10 minutes.

Download your copy here: https://freshlycentered.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/training-plan.pdf

Even just writing down your plan can increase motivation and you are more likely to stick to it- it’s a hard copy and therefore you feel that you have made that commitment. Once you have planned the week and month out you just get on with it! No need to worry about what to do when!

Finally, the visual record of your achievements is the greatest incentive! If you have managed to tick off each day and stay on track you are more likely to continue the planning for the next month.