The end of this week see’s the start of my official maternity leave from my physio job and Freshly Centered! I say this lightly as running your own business means you are never “off”, and even more so since the past year has meant my business has evolved more and more online; but I have certainly wrapped things up as much as possible to be able to be away from it for a little while.

Following the year we have all had, this is a very daunting place to be. Having spent the past year working so hard to reform my business plan it is both worrying and difficult to be forced to step back. I have learnt more about Zoom, booking systems, websites, Canva, iMovie, Photoshop, equipment, and various other digital technologies in this period than in the almost 10 years of running my business! And more importantly, I have LOVED the challenge and thrived on developing the aspects I have. The opportunities have brought a real community vibe and I’ve “seen” my regular clients more than friends and family this past year. Some clients I have never even met, yet I feel like we are friends!

Anyway, I digress! I have automated as much of the business as I can to ensure it continues to operate in my absence, and because I felt this huge sense of dread at letting these people down. People who have shown up week after week, three times a week, whenever they can, and been dedicated to their Pilates this year. I didn’t want all this commitment (from them and myself) to suddenly disappear when it has been so good for mental health, routine, and generally inspiring a healthier lifestyle that has become a habit.

So as I (try to) step back for a few months I have left Freshly Centered with:
  • Pre-recorded online classes every week from May-August (bookable here).
  • A Weekly Newsletter subscription service, providing motivation, mini workouts, stretches, and a mindful practise each week to enhance your total wellbeing (bookable here). You need to scroll to 3rd May “Newsletter Sign-Up). 
  • A free weekly blog on Pilates, fitness & healthy living.
  • A free Youtube channel with a wide range of Pilates classes to suit all abilities.
  • The Postnatal Pilates Guide. My most comprehensive addition to Freshly Centered to date. Providing you with the most up-to-date guidelines on returning to exercise postpartum, as well as a suggested 6-week Pilates plan. (Purchase here).

But things don’t stop there! For the past few months I have been working on an exciting new project that I hope to launch in the Autumn (all hiccups aside and things going to plan). There is still quite a bit of work to be done for it but this is how I plan to fill nap times and spare moments over the Summer!

I really hope to return to in person classes in the Autumn/Winter too, if Covid continues to ease out of our lives further. I cannot wait to actually see my enthusiastic clients in person, read the room to adapt my classes in response to how they’re receiving the class, and modify their class further to suit their abilities. Simply just to have that interaction will be wonderful!

Finally, I have some (loose) plans in place for Autumn time for Freshly Centered retreats and workshops. Something I used to do bi-annually until we were abruptly stopped like everything else last year. It has been almost 18 months since the last Retreat and gosh do I miss them!

So let’s see how smoothly the Summer goes for Covid, my new routine, and everyone’s thoughts on returning to normal, not returning to normal etc. Who knows if online services will continue to thrive, or if there is demand for more in person services?! A lot can change very quickly, but for now I’m going to power on with my plans in between newborn life and see where we end up in a few month’s time! Thanks so much for sticking around!

Take care!

Tracy xo