I think I speak for everyone when I say I am SO ready for 2021 to commence. 2020 has brought some of the hardest challenges any of us have faced, and some are still very much on-going. As we navigate our way in to the new normal of life in 2021, the year of uncertainties and reality of the Pandemic will likely remain with us, so I feel it’s important to try to move beyond this and acknowledge the opportunities we have to evolve and the realisation that we are more resilient than we know.

This time last year I kept my New Year focuses very simple. Focuses rather than resolutions because, firstly who really sticks to resolutions? And secondly, I wanted to focus my attention in distinct ways that encompassed my life rather than set very specific individual goals. You can read up on last year’s post here.

The outcome of my 2020 focuses:

1.My boy. Mum life always has it’s ups and downs, but seeing life through a toddler’s eyes during a Pandemic truly made this year bearable for me. I don’t know where I’d be without him to focus every day on and get me through.

2.My business. I aimed to explore more online and passive revenues and get out of my comfort zone. I did exactly this by writing, publishing, and selling The Postnatal Pilates Guide, my first eGuide. One of my biggest achievements to date and the support it received has been a reflection of the hard work that went in to producing it. I launched my first physical product with the Self-Care Bundle for Christmas too. My YouTube channel hit over 98k views on my most popular videos and has continued to grow. I also wanted to grow my knowledge and I have trained in Therapeutic Yoga and expanded my physiotherapy knowledge in specific areas of interest too. Most importantly my business survived being completely shut down for all in-person services at the end of March 2020 and for this I shall be forever grateful from the very bottom of my heart.

To navigate the reality of the Pandemic I realised I had to direct my business in 3 ways:

Survive- I had to get myself online to continue to show up for my clients in classes, 1-2-1s, and managing their home programmes, as well as a way to reach new clients too. I had to finish writing The Postnatal Pilates Guide to get it out there at the right time too.

Support- I had to continue to support my clients who support me. I reduced all class prices to help those struggling and offered monthly discount codes too.

Continue to grow- I had to continue to strive for more. This was not the time to shy away and crumble so I pushed collaborations, marketed my products, sought further opportunities and kept going.

3.My health. I wanted to practise my consistency and intention. Changing my workouts from a gym environment to my living room certainly did this! I worked out to keep sane, to keep fit, and to provide routine in amongst the chaos of this year. My Pilates classes increased from 1 day a week to 3-4 times per week and this was the foundation of my consistency. I also started morning workouts before my household woke up and this was the best shift in perspective for me. I said I would research more in to nutrition for my personal growth but I have not managed to reach this as yet.

Moving forwards in to 2021:

So with a more positive spin on 2021, I will continue to keep things simple, adapt with the conditions as they unfold, and bring further resilience and authenticity. Although I’ve set out several focuses below (because as a planner I need goals and routine), but in reality if I can move through 2021 with consistent positivity, a frequent smile, and a sprinkle of the developments stated here, it will be a good year. For 2021 my focuses will be:


1) Continue to grow online & passive revenue streams eg. Youtube channel, blog, and eGuide products. Produce a new eGuide product before the year ends.

2) Strengthen collaborations. I often don’t have the time to chase these up or put the energy required in to them but this year I will make more effort as these offer growth and opportunity and I have some plans already in place to do so.

3) Growth. Complete my Therapeutic Yoga Level 2 course and the abundance of study I want to add to this to fully submerge myself in this new learning and offer a huge new dimension to my services. I also want to commence study for my S&C course later in the Summer/Autumn.

Health & fitness:

1) Maintain workout consistency. Regular Pilates and Yoga are essential for me both physically and mentally, and now more than ever I want to keep this up. I’ve found morning routines work best for me, and when the gyms re-open I will add in weekly workouts and swims too in some form of schedule around children and work.

2) Nutrition. As per last year’s post, I want to learn a bit more about nutrition and gut health to fuel my body adequately for what I do physically, mentally, and for general health.


1) This year will see me become a mum to two little children and the second half of the year will be spent adapting to life with a baby and a toddler. I hope to remove the pressures that came with being a first-time mum and enjoy the flow a little more.

2) Learn to stress less and cope better. This year stress levels have fluctuated more than ever and juggling motherhood and work is never easy, but I am determined to balance both. I’ve found having routine is key, having goals keep me focused, and learning to let go where necessary is key.

3) Make more time for hobbies. I always have a book on the go and some artwork in process, but this year I’m going to take more time out to read more self-development, positive, factual style books to broaden my education, and allow my creative side more time to flow.

I hope that has given you some food for thought on moving in to 2021. Remove the pressures, focus on key areas you wish to enhance and bring some positivity, hope, and a smile in to the New Year. Wishing you all a Happy New Year, and a better year for everyone in 2021.

Tracy x