To kick off the start of Autumn I have designed a 14 Day Pilates Plan for you! September can often be a hard time to stick to a plan, you’re not “getting ready for Summer” and we are not getting used to “working out at home in lockdown”, although the opening of the gyms again may find you’re struggling to fit in your home workouts or create balance between your activities now we are getting back to some form of normal. This 14 Day Pilates Plan will take out any of the guessing and planning work on your behalf and provide you with specific workouts each day to complete. Please note this workout plan is NOT suitable for pregnancy or very early postnatal due to the exercises involved. If either apply to you contact me for a more individualised programme or find the video series for both here. 

You can download the calendar here and then click on the links to open each workout video when you are ready to get to your mat! Or simply bookmark this page to return to it when you are ready to get to your mat. 

Pilates every day

Moving every day is good for your body and mind. Creating a small routine for yourself will build a habit and aid you in your daily activities both with a physical strength and relief of stiff and tight areas, and provide that endorphin feel good response that restores mental clarity. A Little every day is what Joseph Pilates (the creator of Pilates) recommended and he swore by this motto in his highly sought after workout plans.

Schedule in your workout time each day in your calendar so that you make time for it and try to complete each workout each day to stay on the plan. Their designed to be short to fit in to your everyday life without hassle. Leave your mat in the room you will practise in so that it is accessible and leave your leggings near by too!

Share your success!

To keep you accountable use the hashtag #autumnpilatesplan and share your successes on Instagram so that your friends can join in too and I can also see how you are doing! Let me know how you get on!

The 14 Day Autumn Pilates Plan:

For your FREE downloadable PDF calendar to download, click here.

autumn Pilates Plan