Wherever you are in the world, whatever you have going on right now, I’m sure relaxation time could be helpful. As we start to move through this phase of easing this lockdown of 2020, I wanted to bring together resources from the website that may help in small ways. Here we have a collection of helpful tips, book recommendations, wise words, and of course finishing up with some Pilates workouts I designed specifically to produce a calming state. The last video is a general full body Pilates workout I designed for just feeling good, and it must have done so as it has currently hit over 64k viewers and was featured in Womens Health Magazine last Summer! I hope you enjoy!

Blog posts with tips and advice

Simple ways to calm anxiety

3 tips to a healthier mind this month

You can do anything, but not everything! 


Pilates workouts and stretches that can help relaxation

This first couple are blog posts. This one has details on some lovely spinal mobility stretches to ease some movement in to your body: Daily stretches for spine mobility

Or you can follow a 7 day Pilates guide to help you get started here: 7 days of Pilates workouts