The other week I hosted a Pilates Quiz for my regular class clients as I was simply missing chatting to them and it would be a nice way to catch up with them outside of our online classes. I also said I’d post the winner a brand new resistance band too to assist their home pilates workouts during lockdown so an added incentive for them!

Here are the questions you can try to test yourself on your pilates knowledge, as well as some general knowledge near the end too!(Answers are at the very bottom so no peeking until you are done!)

  1. In what country did Joseph Pilates develop the exercise system Pilates? (USA, Greece, Germany, Switzerland)
  2. What did Joseph Pilates call this exercise method? It was called Pilates in his legacy after he died. (Movementology, Contrology, Stabilisation form, Precisionology)
  3. What was Joseph’s job when he moved to England aged 32 (boxer, banker, professor, physical therapist)
  4. What did Joseph call the core muscles system? (The Panel, The Powerhouse, The Engine, The Shell)
  5. What was the first piece of pilates equipment Joseph used to develop his method? (Reformer, Magic Circle, Cadillac, Arc Barrel)
Exercise knowledge
  1. What muscle group does shoulder bridge work other than the core? (quadriceps, biceps, glutes, calves)
  2. What position do you complete breaststroke in? (back, tummy, hands & knees, kneeling)
  3. Hundreds is primarily for what aim? (strength, endurance, stability, flexibility)
  4. How many levels of clam are there? (1,2,3,4)
  5. Name one muscle that makes up the core (transverses abdominis, rectus abdominis, gluteus maximus, quadriceps)
Show me the pilates exercise! 

I asked them to demo each exercise. In hindsight this does not work over video chats because they can all see each other! So instead we went with the fastest the respond! oops.

  1. Abdominal preparation
  2. Mermaid
  3. Roll up 
  4. Toy soldier
  5. Dumb waitor 
Exercise & Sport 
  1. In which sport would you use a scissors sweep? (Karate, Ji jitsu, Kick Boxing, Judo)
  2. In rugby how many points do you get for a conversion? (1,2,3,4)
  3. An axel is an element from which sport? (Gymnastics, Yoga, Ballet, Ice skating)
  4. Shavasana is the end of which form of exercise? (Gymnastics, Yoga, Ballet, Ice skating)
  5. Teaser is from which form of exercise? (Gymnastics, Yoga, Ballet, Pilates)
  1. What is the national animal of Scotland? (Lion, Wildcat, Unicorn, Tiger)
  2. Which country would you find The Raffles Hotel? (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore)
  3. How many stars are there in Orion’s belt? (2,3,8,9)
  4. Which river runs through the Grand Canyon? (Colarado, Carron, Mississippi, Mekong)
  5. What is a fulmar? (wild cat, fish, mammal, seabird)


onions belt

(Orion’s belt. Photo credit to Mark Coull).



History: Germany. Contrology. Boxer. The Powerhouse. Reformer.

Exercise knowledge: Glutes. Tummy. Endurance. 3. Transversus abdominis.

Exercise & sport: Ji Jitsu. 2. Ice skating. Yoga. Pilates.

General: Unicorn. Singapore. 3. Colarado. Seabird.