This lockdown situation is a little crazy isn’t it! I think everyone has found their own way to adjust to the new “normal” and some have found this easier than others. For me, trying to maintain regular exercise has always been key to my mental health, but also feeling good in my body. I don’t like the feeling of tight, stiff muscles, and I hate feeling weak! So a regular plan to keep my body mobile and strong is essential.

Here I’ve provided a 14 day suggested fitness guide you can complete to keep you on track for the next couple of weeks! Save it to your phone so you can check in on it each day. Pick and choose what you do and feel free to replace any with your own workouts too as you will know what works best for you.

Day 1: Take a 30 minute power walk outside. Take in the views, the scenery, the nature. Keep your phone switched off until you’re back home.

Day 2: 30 minute pilates when working from home

Day 3: Home bodyweight strength session:

Squats x14

Side lunges x14 (8 each side)

Glute bridges x14

Press ups x10

Tricep dips using chair or sofa x10

Repeat the circuit 3 times.


DAY 5: Go for a 30minute run. You can alternate walk/run if that is best for you.

Day 6: 30 minute vinyasa yoga practise

Day 7: 15 minute full body feel good pilates 

Day 8: Home bodyweight strength & cardio session:

Squats x12

Walking forward lunges x14 (8 each side)

Burpees 1 minute

REPEAT this circuit 3 times.

Press ups

Full plank 5 seconds- knee plank 5 seconds ALTERNATE x10

Mountain climbers 1 minute

REPEAT this circuit 3 times.

Side plank 30 seconds each side

Single leg glute bridges x10 each leg

Lateral side bounds (jump to right & land on right foot, jump to left on left foot etc) 1 minute


Day 10: Go for a 40 minute run. You can alternate walk/run if needed.

Day 11: 19 minute total body strengthening yoga practise

Day 12: 20 minute pilates for low back pain: daily strength & mobilise

Day 13 Home strength session:

Single leg squat to a chair x10 each leg

Curtsey squats (cross leg behind you then squat) x20 (10 each side alternating)

Side lying top leg raises (abductions) x20 each side

Tricep dips on a chair or sofa x10

High plank with shoulder taps x20

REPEAT the full circuit 3 times.

Day 14: Go for a 40 minute walk/run.

WELL DONE! Repeat this whole programme again or make up your own plan to follow for the next 14 days!