At the start of this year I wrote a post on “Looking forwards 2020”, where I discussed how I wanted to keep things simple with no pressure or expectation. Where I would show up, do my best, and move forward. In this current surreal situation we are in worldwide, my own advice couldn’t be more accurate right now.

About 2 weeks ago now the reality of the corona virus really hit home and the horrendous sense of what was happening came crashing down on me. Like everyone else I have really struggled to adapt to how things are and I am constantly feeling anxious about the future. If you feel the same read this post here. But getting back to my above advice, I had to find a way to move forwards.

Like many other pilates teachers and fitness professionals, my business took a hard hit when I had to close up every aspect that involved face-to-face contact. This was a devastating moment to shut down everything I have worked incredibly hard to build over the past almost 9 years, but also because it is a huge chunk of my income.

This week I took my pilates classes online, right from my living room to theirs! I had no idea if this would work or if anyone would even sign up, but I had to try it out. Partly because I needed to replenish my lost income and partly because it’s all I’ve known for so long and I couldn’t see a way forwards without my business. It’s become my career, my best hobby, and simply put it is just what I do. Some of my clients have been with me from day one so their like friends I see every week!

On reflection I was already prepared for this. When I wrote my “Looking Forwards 2020” post in January, I mentioned that this year my business focus would “explore new avenues out with my comfort zone to develop passive revenue streams through the business, including the blog, Youtube channel, and guides”. I have already been working on developing the blog and youtube channel these past 3 months and I have almost finishing writing the first online guide that I will be publishing on my website after months of hard work, so it seems corona has more ideas in store for me and Online classes are my unexpected new venture.

These classes have been the most wonderful distraction from this crazy life and whilst we are socially isolated it keeps us connected. I’ve connected with my regular clients and never been so happy to see them or thankful for their presence, met new people, and also been joined by some of my fantastic previous clients who I haven’t seen for years! But in all honesty its mainly forced me to practise what I know works and be accountable in continuing a regular exercise regime when things are tough. I’m going to try my best to keep this gratitude strong during this unsettling period and maintain some normality in my routine until this nightmare is over.

“In 1918 a terrible epidemic of influenza swept the world, killing millions of people, tens of thousands in England. None of Joe’s (Joseph Pilates) followers succumbed even though the camps were the hardest hit”. If pilates can help those during the First World War epidemic, perhaps if can help us stay strong too.

If you want to join us you can find the Online Pilates schedule on my Facebook or Instagram pages, or email me at