It’s been a while since I posted a Friday challenge! Here is The Plank challenge!

This is such a simple, whole body exercise that challenges your core to the very end, but it also requires strong upper body support and stable legs to hold you long. The mental challenge of how long you can hold it will develop with practise! It is also suitable for almost everyone and all levels of fitness.


 1. Keep your back straight and ensure you don’t arch the back downwards. To do this, keep the core engaged.

2. Straighten the legs fully and activate the thighs for strong support.

3. Align your elbows directly underneath your shoulders.

4. Relax the neck and head.

5. Control your breathing with a full inhalation and a full exhalation cycle.

HOLD! Hold this position. Start with 30 seconds and build from there to see how long you can get. If your body starts to tire and the position changes, lower to your knees for a break. It’s important you don’t try to hold it and push through as holding the back in the wrong position can cause pain later on.

Try this daily for a week and see the progress!