This morning was an amazing run. I ran a regular running route that I do but the sun was out, I was on a long weekend off work and just relaxed and at peace. It’s amazing how your mood pre-run can influence the actual run.

How do you prepare for your run? Today I just got up and went for it, I didn’t plan anything. Right down to the route- I almost went another way but wanted the peace & tranquility that this particular path has, as well as the miles and miles of greenery for a scenic view! Sometimes just letting your run decide the path once you are out there is the way forward. Today I wanted peace, scenery and greenery.


Sunday mornings should be relaxing and that’s exactly what I got! Here are some other ways to get in the mindset pre-workout:

1) Get organised: Trainers on, water bottle filled, iPod/music ready. GO. That’s all the organisation required for running. Don’t over complicate it or you will change your mind at the hassle, the time that passes or any other reason you can think of!

2) Don’t think of the route: Just start running. Once you are out there you will find a path, a route, anywhere to run. The more you plan or overthink it the greater a chore it may seem.

3) Breathe: Controlled inhalation followed by exhalation. Regular cycles of breathing keep the lungs going strong, the mind focused and you in control. Take each step with each breathe and carry on.

4) Think of the finishing achievement: No matter how much you train there will be those tough runs, the ones you struggle with for no reason. Push past it, keep running and think of the finished feeling. That visualisation will make you stride further and continue. The adrenaline will keep you going. The achievement at the end will make you want to go out all over again!

Use the Freshly Centered training plan to record your achievements over the month and see how you progress. Training Plan Template

Remember: Less planning and more running!