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Staying active during pregnancy is hugely beneficial to both mother and baby! There is outstanding evidence of the maternal medical, physical, & mental health benefits, as well as those to baby’s development and reductions in birth complications.

Exercise is very safe during pregnancy if the medical guidelines are followed for all types of exercise; aerobic, strength training & weight lifting, stretching, pelvic floor & core. Research actually now shows a strong dose-dependent relationship between exercise and these benefits, with the more exercise the greater the benefits!

Returning to exercise postpartum can be difficult due to a number of reasons, but mostly because women are unsure where to or how to start exercising safely. Postnatal exercise is fantastic for restoring strength, mobility & mental wellbeing, and importantly for long-term healing throughout the body.

I want to make this information clear to pregnant women to ensure they stay active, healthy, and safe throughout their pregnancy, and prepared for childbirth and motherhood!

Here you will find blogs for all things pregnancy and postnatal covering: Fitness, Exercise, Pilates, and common physiotherapy complaints, using current evidence-based guidelines. Home pilates workout videos are also designed specifically for these stages in a woman’s life!

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Returning to postnatal running

If you're a runner, returning to running postnatally is probably something you asked even before your baby was born! Running is one of the easiest exercise forms to fit in around mum/baby life and has the added benefit of blowing off any psychological/mental steam...

My Fitness During Pregnancy

For as long as I can remember fitness has been a huge part of my life. I did every sport imaginable when I was young, worked in gyms, and then became a physio and pilates teacher. Fitness isn't a chore to me it is a way of life. I love feeling strong and healthy and...

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DISCLAIMER: Freshly Centered and Tracy Ward cannot accept liability for any consequences of you following any advice or workouts presented on this website. I endeavour to provide the most accurate information, however you should always seek advice from your doctor prior to starting any new fitness programmes or advice, and you do so completely at your own risk. If in doubt, stop and see your G.P first.