Achieving personal best

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How do you achieve your personal best?

I’ve been running for a long time but only competitively for the last 3 years, and like everyone else I have good and bad runs. This year however each race I have completed I have achieved my PB, out running my previous race time every time. I won’t lie it hasn’t been easy and I was shocked after each race with the time, as I never run to race time in training. So how do you continue to push the boundaries and achieve more?

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The Dutch way to daily exercise

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Do you exercise daily? Do you move often?
A recent weekend in Amsterdam was an amazing reminder of how accessible they make daily exercise! With over 18million cyclists within the capital it really does put most other places to shame. They make it their daily commute so it is not a chore, an effort or a hassle, but rather an efficient and practical way to exercise daily.

Try taking this outlook on your exercise routine this week- make it practical, efficient and part of your day!

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Welcome to Freshly Centered!

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Welcome to Freshly Centered! 


Finally! Here is the start of my website, bringing you fitness, health and wellbeing information with a pilates twist. I hope to bring together all aspects that I am involved in to deliver some interesting reads such as:

  • Fitness advice, training plans and motivation
  • Pilates programmes
  • Injury prevention and treatment tips with the latest evidence and research

This is all very new to me and it has been an exciting project so far for 2014! I am very excited to finally launch the site today! Please bear with me on technical problems and we may be slow in getting going as I learn the ropes of running an online site… But for now please watch this space!

Tracy xo